Our team of professionals are highly skilled in litigation support services to assist clients and their legal counsel through all phases of a case by providing expertise in many areas. We work directly with clients to understand their concerns and assist in the process every step of the way. 

Our litigation team has extensive marital dissolution experience, which enables us to focus on the key elements of your case. We assist and work closely with the attorney and the client in developing strategies. All relevant financial data is gathered and comprehensive analysis and reports are prepared to assist in working towards a successful mediated settlement. If necessary, our litigation professionals also have many years of experience in providing expert witness testimony.

The litigation support department of Piper Hawkins and Company is staffed with individuals who are accredited as Certified Public Accountants, Certified Valuation Analysts, Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified in Financial Forensics.



Marital Dissolutions and Family Law Matters:


Business Disputes

Fraud Issues


Financial Affidavit Preparation

The Financial Affidavit is a form that is completed by the Husband and the Wife in marital dissolutions. It consists primarily of the average monthly income and expenses, along with a Balance Sheet reflecting the assets and liabilities of the parties. Click here for the form.

Lifestyle Analysis

A Lifestyle Analysis is completed to assess the marital standard of living and is used to assess the needs of the parties as it relates to a claim for Alimony.

Income Analysis

An Income Analysis is completed to determine the total income or cash flow available for Alimony and/or Child Support

Alimony Analysis and Calculations

Alimony analysis and calculations are completed based on the results of the Lifestyle Analysis and Income Analysis, along with the facts of the case

Child Support Calculations

Child Support is based on a calculation provided in Florida Child Support Guidelines. Click here for link to Florida Child Support Guidelines.

Equitable Distribution Analysis and Worksheet

The Equitable Distribution Worksheet is the primary tool used to assist in dividing the marital and nonmarital assets and liabilities.

Asset and Transaction Tracing

We perform this forensic accounting service when there are questions or concerns about dissipation or location of marital assets.

Marital and Non-Marital Asset and Liability Analysis

This service may be necessary if either party has assets that were received via inheritance or gift and/or owned prior to the marriage. It may also be needed if there are liabilities that were owed prior to the marriage.

Retirement Benefit/Pension Plan Benefit Valuation

This service consists of the valuation of an individual retirement benefit payment for purposes of equitable distribution

Business Valuation

Click here for Business Valuation section of our website